What crops is a drip irrigation system suitable for?

What crops is a drip irrigation system suitable for?
Part 1: Perennial plants
What crops is “drip irrigation” suitable for? ” is a question always posed to those who want to learn and apply this method on plants, especially when the plants are invested to cultivate on a large area.Drip irrigation is a modern irrigation method. Can be applied on all crops, or can only drip irrigation be used on certain crops?
Around the world, drip irrigation has been used successfully on many crops. In Vietnam, Netafim drip irrigation has been successfully applied from short-term plants to long-term plants. In the scope of this article, will provide you with some models of drip irrigation on perennials (fruit trees and industrial crops) – crops that always require a very large amount of water for growth. and growing, many people are afraid that a drip irrigation system will not provide enough water for plants to grow and grow.
Drip irrigation on the dragon tree
Figure 1: Dragon fruit tree using Netafim’s MicroDrip drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation on Orange tree

Figure 2: Drip irrigation for Cam Vinh via DripNet PC (Netafim) system

Drip irrigation on the Grapefruit tree

Figure 3: Drip irrigation with Micro Drip (Netafim) for 11 ha of Grapefruit in Binh Thuan

Drip irrigation on the Pineapple Tree

Figure 4: Drip irrigation for pineapples via DripNet PC (Netafim) system

Drip Watering Vines

Figure 5: Vineyard with DripNet PC (Netafim) 1 row drip irrigation system designed

Drip irrigation on Banana Tree

Figure 6: Banana tree with DripNet PC (Netafim) 2-row drip irrigation system designed.

Drip irrigation for Pepper

Figure 7: Pepper is dripped with a row of DripNet PC (Netafim).

Drip irrigation for tea plants

Figure 8: Tea tree dripping with 1 row of DripNet PC (Netafim)

Drip watering the coffee plants

Figure 9: Coffee tree dripping with 2 rows of DripNet PC (Netafim)

Drip irrigation on rubber trees

Figure 10: Rubber tree drip irrigation with 1 row of DripNet PC (Netafim)

Drip irrigation for Gac trees

Figure 11: Gac tree is invested in drip irrigation with a MicroDrip tube system wrapped around the base (Netafim)


Thus, it can be seen that, for perennial crops, the automatic irrigation system completely provides sufficient water for plants, from fruit trees to industrial crops.
However, depending on the type of crop, the land, the agro-chemical of each area, the weather and climate conditions of each area, and the farmer’s budget, each crop is designed with a drip irrigation system with Various technical details. We can use the drip irrigation system wrapped around the base (Micro Drip) or drip irrigation in rows (Drip Net PC tube). The use of a row of wire (or 2 rows of wire), or winding the drip wire around the base long or short depending on the age of each tree, the water demand of each stage and the experience of the irrigation system designer …
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