Water saving irrigation according to Israeli technology

Water saving irrigation according to Israeli technology
Below are the typical water saving irrigation technologies of Netafim that Khang Thinh has applied in Vietnam. Water saving irrigation according to Israeli technology
Automatic sprinkler technology is a technique of watering the plants by creating water mist particles that are applied directly to the plants.
The sprinkler watering system is designed very simply, consisting of only one misting nozzle together with the guide system.
With many models, types, sprinkler systems to create many types of spray (360º); (180º); (90º) depending on many purposes of the user.
This technology is applied to water flowers because the water particles form small, do not affect the color and crush the flowers. Watering small areas of land, plots on one side.
Drip irrigation technology is the most commonly applied irrigation technology today because of its advantages and benefits. Drip irrigation is to provide water to the soil or the soil near the base of the plant in the form of slow drips for easy absorption of the roots. The drip irrigation system consists of a water tank, a conduction system, filtration devices, pressure regulators and a drip device.
The biggest advantage of drip irrigation technology is saving 30 – 60% of water compared to other irrigation technologies.
Drip irrigation helps to increase crop productivity by calculating the right amount of water for each crop, contributing to high economic benefits for gardeners.
Farmers can fertilize, medicine and water, the amount of fertilizer and water is always sufficient for the tree by calculating the amount needed and adjusting the equipment to suit each plant. This also contributes to saving and avoiding wastage of fertilizers and water.
Using drip watering technology helps farmers save labor, labor time, labor saving compared to other methods that often have to water around very laborious.
Using drip irrigation technology saves a lot of costs, contributes to reducing input costs, bringing high economic benefits.
Irrigation equipment and rainwater irrigation technology is the technique of bringing water to the plants or the field in the form of artificial rain, raindrops or dew particles around the base of the plant thanks to the equipment that creates rain rays and dew. Rainwater sprinkler technology is increasingly being applied in many developed agricultural countries like Vietnam.
The advantage of rainwater irrigation technology is to limit the best water evaporation because the rain spray is short, the wet area around the base of the tree can be adjusted to suit different plants. Limiting the amount of water loss due to not creating flow, the water is only moist enough for plants to grow.
Irrigation system is located underground, easy to control remotely according to the pre-programmed program for each plant, helping to save time and labor for watering crops.
Rain-watering technology can also combine watering with fertilizing, spraying pesticides. Minimize pest and weed growth.
Rain-spraying watering technology is very suitable for soft, weak plants, flowers are pollinated, and avoid crushing.