Netafim Israel’s exclusive drip irrigation, automatic watering and spraying equipment

Netafim Israel’s exclusive drip irrigation, automatic watering and spraying equipment

The drip irrigation device is one of the most modern and water-saving irrigation equipment, reducing costs and the longest equipment life today.
Irrigation Technology Joint Stock Company Khang Thinh is the exclusive distributor of irrigation equipment of Netafim Israel. Khang Thinh specializes in supplying equipment and construction of drip irrigation equipment in Israel.
– Supply and installation instructions for NETAFIM Israel drip irrigation systems in greenhouses, net houses and outdoors;
– Supply and installation instructions for high-tech greenhouses and net-houses NETAFIM Israel;
– Designing Israel spraying equipment system, Israel drip irrigation in greenhouses, net houses and outdoors;
– Supplying equipment to control Israeli irrigation and manage crop nutrition through Israeli drip irrigation system.
– Provide automatic climate control systems in greenhouses;
– Technical consulting, providing technical solutions for high-tech cultivation and crop nutrition using modern technologies.

Part 1: Perennial plants
What crops is “drip irrigation” suitable for? ” is a question always posed to those who want to learn and apply this method on plants, especially when the plants are invested to cultivate on a large area.Drip irrigation is a modern irrigation method. Can be applied on all crops, or can only drip irrigation be used on certain crops?
Around the world, drip irrigation has been used successfully on many crops. In Vietnam, Netafim drip irrigation has been successfully applied from short-term plants to long-term plants. In the scope of this article, will provide you with some models of drip irrigation on perennials (fruit trees and industrial crops) – crops that always require a very large amount of water for the growth process. and development, many people are afraid that a drip irrigation system will not provide enough water for plants to grow and grow.
Dragon fruit tree uses the MicroDrip drip irrigation system of Netafim
Drip irrigation for Cam Vinh through DripNet PC system (Netafim)
Drip irrigation Micro Drip (Netafim) for 11 ha of Green skin pomelo in Binh Thuan
Drip irrigation of pineapples via DripNet PC (Netafim) system
Grapes are designed with DripNet PC (Netafim) 1 row drip irrigation system.
Banana tree is designed with DripNet PC (Netafim) 2 row drip irrigation system.
Pepper is drip irrigation with 1 row of DripNet PC (Netafim).
Tea trees are drip irrigation with 1 row of DripNet PC (Netafim)
Thus, it can be seen that, for perennial crops, the drip irrigation system completely provides adequate water for plants, from fruit trees to industrial crops.
However, depending on the type of crop, the land, the agro-chemical of each area, the weather and climate conditions of each area, and the farmer’s budget, each crop is designed with a drip irrigation system with Various technical details. We can use the drip irrigation system wrapped around the base (Micro Drip) or drip irrigation in rows (Drip Net PC tube). The use of a row of wire (or 2 rows of wire), or winding the drip wire around the base long or short depending on the age of each tree, the water demand of each stage and the experience of the irrigation system designer …
Part 2: Short-term plants, vegetables, flowers
For vegetables, flowers or plants with short growth time, little plant biomass, automatic irrigation systems on these plants often use Streamline, Dripnet PC, Capinet or Arrow Dripper tubes …
Ly Ly flower garden is dripping with a streamline system (Netafim)
Rose Garden is equipped with a drip irrigation system with Streamline (Netafim)
Dong Tien Garden is drip irrigation with Streamline system (Netafim)

Rose Mon Garden (planting pots and growing beds) is drip watered by Streamline (Netafim)

The Wolf Muzzle Garden is drip irrigation with Streamline (Netafim)

Vườn Ớt Chuông được tưới nhỏ giọt bằng hệ thống dây Streamline (Netafim)

Thus, for vegetables, flowers and some short-term food or industrial crops, depending on topography, investment capacity, farming methods, types of crops …, a small pipeline system can be used. a pressure-compensated dropper (Dripnet PC) or an uncompensated dropper (Streamline); Use Capinet Plugs and Plugs or Arrow Dripper Arrow Dripper with PCJ – CNL Dripper that is split or not branched.

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