Netafim drip irrigation system in Gia Lai – 0269 3886679

Netafim drip irrigation system in Gia Lai – 0269 3886679
Address: 982 Hung Vuong, Chu Se town, Gia Lai
Phone: 0269 3886679
Hotline: 094 88 94 369
Irrigation Technology Joint Stock Company Khang Thinh is the exclusive distributor of irrigation equipment of Netafim Israel. Khang Thinh specializes in supplying equipment and constructing drip irrigation equipment in Gia Lai.

– Supplying and instructing the installation of NETAFIM drip irrigation system in Phan Thiet in greenhouses, net houses and outdoors;
– Supplying and guiding the installation of high-tech greenhouses and net-houses NETAFIM in Gia Lai;
– Designing sprinkler system in Phan Thiet, NETAFIM drip irrigation in Gia Lai in greenhouses, net houses and outdoors;
– Supplying irrigation control equipment in Gia Lai and managing crop nutrition through Gia Lai drip irrigation system;
– Provide automatic climate control systems in greenhouses;
– Technical consulting, providing technical solutions for high-tech cultivation and crop nutrition using modern technologies.
Khang Thinh conducts field surveys, consulting on design of automatic irrigation system, drip irrigation, free spray irrigation for customers, unlimited field area for the service provided. Khang Thinh conducts the survey, consultation and development of a free high-tech greenhouse project for customers who are planning to invest in a Greenhouse and a net house using NETAFIM’s irrigation equipment. Khang Thinh is ready to provide free agronomic technical assistance services to customers using Netafim’s greenhouse and irrigation equipment.
Netafim provides packages from design, equipment supply, installation instructions, use of irrigation and greenhouse equipment, and transfer of cultivation technology in greenhouses and fields. Netafim can provide research and technology transfer services for crops suitable to the climatic and soil conditions in particular regions.