How much does it cost to install a drip irrigation system for the vines?

How much does it cost to install a drip irrigation system for the vines?

How much does a drip irrigation system cost the vine?

Grapes are fruit trees with many nutrients, but to be highly effective when growing grapes, the seed factor is a very important factor. To grow grapes with high yield in Vietnam and especially delicious fruit, with lots of nutrients, requires many factors.

For perennial plants such as Grapes, the drip irrigation system combined with the Novacid system completely provides enough water and fertilizer for the tree and helps the plant to be lush, high yield and reduce costs. fertilizer as well as saving water.

However, depending on the type of crop, the land, the agro-chemical condition of each area, the weather and climate conditions of each area and the farmer’s budget, each crop is designed with a drip irrigation system for vine with different specifications. We can use the drip irrigation system wrapped around the base (Micro Drip) or drip irrigation in rows (Drip Net PC tube). The use of a row of wire (or 2 rows of wire), or winding the drip wire around the base long or short depending on the age of each tree, the water demand of each stage and the experience of the irrigation system designer …

How much does designing a drip irrigation system for the vines cost?

In order to make an accurate quote, some information is required such as: Power source, water source, planting specifications, land area, do garden owners want automatic watering or not? From there, there will be a blueprint of an irrigation pipe and the price will depend on the strength of the drip pipe.
– 0.15 mm rope is used for low cost short-term plants.
– Wire 0.39mm is used for long-lasting plants & gt; 5 years.
– 1mm wire is used for long-lasting plants & gt; 10 years.

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