Drip irrigation system for banana plants p.2

Drip irrigation system for banana plants p.2

Recently, banana tree in Vietnam has been properly and properly invested to create products with sufficient quantity and standards to penetrate into markets. fastidious in the world. In the previous article, we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses between different irrigation methods for crops. The scope of today’s article, will carefully analyze the “ Drip irrigation system for banana plants “.

Why care about water from the beginning?

When the seedlings have not been planted, the ground is still empty, this is a good time to plan to design a drip irrigation system for banana plants . In addition to facilitating the construction process, the early installation of a banana watering system will help the farm proactively source water for the plants in the new planting days.

Bananas are plants that require very high amounts of water. In the old stem, water banana tree accounts for 92.4%, in roots 96%, in leaves 82.6% and in fruit 96%. Therefore, water greatly affects the growth and development of plants, yield and fruit quality. Banana drip irrigation system is a method that has been used extensively on plants to provide water for plants instead of other irrigation systems. If there is not enough water, banana trees can grow stunted, yield and quality are reduced, domestic consumption is still difficult, do not think about exporting.


1. Drip irrigation system for banana plants helps to provide the necessary amount of water for the plants:

Banana tree , like any other plant, goes through many different stages of growth, each with different water requirements. Banana drip irrigation system , which will help to supply enough water to the plant according to the plant’s needs, completely avoid under watering or over-watering like other methods by calculating Water demand calculation is based on the formula as well as the Kc index of the crop. The crop coefficient for banana trees changes as follows: Seedling period 0.4 – 0.5; the period when plants thrive from 0.7 to 0.85; flowering stage 1 – 1.1; Left rearing stage: 0.9 – 1.1; near harvest stage 0.75 – 0.85 (See Kc index of plants in the article Kc index of some common crops).

Figure 1: Drip irrigation system for Bananas at an export banana plantation in Long Khanh, Dong Nai (Using Netafim’s Dripnet PC drip system, 2 rows of lines along the row)

2. Using the Drip Irrigation System for banana plants will help the banana to grow healthy and prevent harmful diseases

As you all know, the conditions of high air and soil humidity are ideal for pathogens such as fungi, bacteria and viruses to grow and grow and spread. Banana growers always have a headache with bacterial leaf spot disease, anthracnose, viral disease, wilt disease, blight, nematodes … – diseases where the main spread of water is through water and growth. Strong under high humidity conditions. Drip irrigation for banana plants helps to ventilate the garden, does not create moisture in the local air in the garden, and limits the spread and development of pathogens.

3. The drip irrigation system for banana plants saves water:

The word saving here is not to water less than the crop’s water needs, but it is that the drip irrigation system only provides with just the right amount. Water is needed , not over watering like other methods. Some people fear that drip irrigation systems only provide enough water for small crops (vegetables, flowers), not enough water for large biomass crops such as fruit trees or plants that require a lot of water like banana tree . That thought is completely incorrect. With the special design and careful calculation on each plant, drip irrigation system provides sufficient water for any plant to grow and develop.

Figure 2: Dripnet PC dropper system on banana seedling stage

4. The drip irrigation system for the banana plants helps clear the soil

Water flows from the tip of the dropper and seeps slowly into the soil. Applying the force of the water droplet to the ground is very small (almost insignificant) to prevent the soil from squashing like other methods. The application of drip irrigation for banana plants helps the soil in banana farms always be well ventilated, free of dizziness, soil has enough air for roots to breathe, grow and grow. develop healthy.

5. Drip irrigation helps plants absorb fertilizers and drugs through the irrigation system easily and effectively

In order to reduce fertilizer and spraying work, people have made use of drip irrigation system to provide fertilizers and pesticides for plants. By fertilizing and watering drugs through drip irrigation system , the roots will absorb nutrients well and be easily exposed to pesticides directly and thoroughly. rather, avoid escaping like the traditional method.


Figure 3: Model of a drip irrigation system for crops
Depending on the specific farm conditions, design a drip irrigation system for bananas also changes accordingly. In order to design a suitable and optimal irrigation system, it is necessary to conduct surveys before the design. Indicators to consider in field survey and design drip irrigation system for banana plants :
– Banana cultivation area
– Altitude above sea level
– Planting density
– Type of soil
– Water source
– Existing infrastructure (Type of canal, cross section area; Type of pipe, diameter; Pump type, capacity; Water tank / tank …)
– Water quality: EC, pH, algae, sand, alluvium?
– Climatic data: Average and maximum evaporation; Temperature; Wind; Amount of rain…
Technical data for operation: Maximum irrigation time, phase of irrigation, type of nozzle required, type of filter required, type of fertilizer required, type of main pipe required ….
– Total area, attached topographic map (boundary of sub-areas, slope, slope direction, canal, location of water source, height of water source, direction of row, road in the area, direction of expansion Future…)
In order for drip irrigation system for banana plants to operate in an optimal way, to provide enough water, fertilizer for well-grown banana trees to reach out-of-garden standards, investors should focus on finding partner in design and supply of irrigation system equipment. These large and reputable partners with their experienced staff will conduct field surveys and render reasonable drawings with the right combination of equipment to help the system cost. minimum investment and operation, maximum profit for investors.
Wish all investors success.